On a cold, icy day…

Why hello winter! I had fooled myself into thinking that this was going to be a calm and warm winter. And, as usual with my weather predictions, I was wrong (seriously, if ever I claim to have the inside track on the weather, do what my husband does and prepare for the exact opposite). Anyway, Old Man Winter made his way to North Carolina last night and this morning! Hubs and I woke up to a rather chilly house and an ice covered yard.

Our patio

Our patio

Our power went out around 1:30 or 2 AM and did not get restored until almost twelve hours later (that being said, make sure to give a huge “Thank You” to the linemen / women who work diligently when there are power outages in less than ideal conditions, they do a great job at keeping us warm and safe). We had a brief “tease” that the power would return from 9 – 9:10 AM during which time I quickly plugged my phone in and started to make my morning drink of hot water over lemons. And then the power went out. Thankfully I had gotten a little extra charge on my phone and the water was close enough to being hot to count!

Any morning that starts with a panda mug cannot be that bad, right?

Any morning that starts with a panda mug cannot be that bad, right?

During the time I had with no power I learned a couple things, and I thought I would share:

1. I would not do well in a zombie apocalypse. Seriously, I would be the person who was forever wandering into dark and scary buildings (that I am sure would be filled with zombies just ready to eat me) trying to find a battery to charge one of my electronic devices.

2. I really like heating and air conditioning. Being from the South I have always had a deep respect for air conditioning, however, today, as I sat in my 55 degree house in what amounted to a ridiculous amount of clothes and put my poor dog and cat in their coats and sweaters to keep them warm, my level of admiration for heating definitely increased. I have not included a picture for the reason stated in lesson 3 (karma isn’t so fun or graceful)

3. I am many things and most of the time graceful is at least in the top 20 of that list… however, you put me on an icy sidewalk and let’s just say I make a Inspector Clouseau (Pink Panther movies – the originals)  look graceful. I’m pretty sure Sadie and Beau view the spectacle I made of myself as karma for putting them in coats / sweaters.

More ice!

More ice!

4. It truly is amazing how dependent our personal and professional lives are upon computers. Seriously, when my computer was dead and my phone was borderline, I was probably the least productive I’ve been since the last Lilly Pulitzer online sale (kidding, but only slightly). I mean, everything we do is online now and our methods of communication are for the most part contingent upon electricity and an internet connection.

Anyway, we now obviously have our power back and I am sitting here enjoying what is probably my 5th or 6th cup of tea for the day, still warming up!

5th or 6th cup of tea for the day. Thankfully these are decaf!

5th or 6th cup of tea for the day. Thankfully these are decaf!

I hope everyone is having a great day and for those who are dealing cold weather, please stay warm and safe!



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