Welcome to 2015

Well, another new year is upon us! I love this time of year for the sense of renewal and hope it brings. Also, I love that as a society we take time to reflect upon how we want to improve ourselves over the next year. I personally, am a huge fan of personal accountability, thus, I am going to post my goals for 2015 here, so that I can be held accountable for achieving (or working toward) these goals. Please feel free to comment below with any goals you have and I will happily be your accountability partner if you need one!

2015 Goals:

1. Reclaim my health – While I am generally healthy, I do find that certain things change as I age, and I need to focus on treating my body with love and not neglect.

2. Create greater financial peace for my family – We are very fortunate to be financially secure, however, there is always room for improvement.

3. Show grace to others (and myself) – This one can be difficult at times. I need to work on being more Christlike in my interactions with others and myself.

4. Give back – I am a huge proponent of giving back, whether it is time, money or both, and I need to continue making that a priority in my life.

5. Be grateful – I am so very blessed and oftentimes I get upset about things / problems that 99% of the world would love to have. This one is critical for me to work on. I sometimes get frustrated about a work issue, and I need to be grateful that I have a job that is good and puts food on the table, many people would love to have a job. I get upset that my car needs the oil changed. I need to remember that it needs the oil changed because I have been fortunate enough to not only have a car that is trustworthy, but to use it to travel and see new places. I get very sad when I think about my Mammaw, because I miss her dearly, but then I remember that I was beyond blessed to not only have her around for 31 years of my life, but to have amazing quality time with her and a relationship that could have moved mountains. Most people do not have that opportunity or get to know that deep of a love. Everything in this life is a matter of perspective and I need to do better about staying focused on the many blessings that I have.

What are your goals? How do you hold yourself accountable? I look forward to hearing from you throughout the year on how things are going! From my family to yours, may 2015 be your best and most wonderful year yet. Thank you for making me a part of your life!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2015

  1. Carolyn says:

    Great blog. Love it and love you. I am very thankful to have you for my daughter.

    Carolyn Pierson Cook Sent from my iPhone



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