Thankful Thursday

Wow! What a busy week! This week I’ve been in Tennessee working from our office there, so it has been a little helter skelter recently. Anyway, this week I am thankful for so many things.

1. Hubs – Even though he is back home this week while I’m traveling, he has not been idle! Between helping put up Christmas lights and getting some stuff done around the house for me, he also has a busy week at work this week! Thankful for his willingness to help me and to be such a hard worker.

2. Family – While I am always thankful for my family (they are pretty awesome!), I am always more thankful when I visit Tennessee and get to spend time with them! They are just awesome! We are a small, tight-knit family and so time together is always precious!

3. Friends – Every time I visit Tennessee, I try to cram as many visits in with my dear friends as possible! I truly have awesome friends! Even though technology is amazing and enables us to keep in touch, there is something about sitting down with a dear friend and just catching up!

4. Crafty / Artistic people – I am neither crafty, nor am I artistic. I follow directions really well, but if you want something that is truly unique that I’ve made, you might be waiting a while. I should do a post one day of my Pinterest Fails! But, I am thankful for the people who can manage to do those crafty / creative things and succeed! They keep motivating me to try new crafty / creative things… one day I might actually get it!

5. Love – One of my close friends in North Carolina got married a few days ago! They surprised all of their friends and just got married! They joy and love that they have for each other is truly humbling! I am so thankful that she found her partner and with that a wonderful joy!

I hope each of you is having a wonderful and blessed week! Stay warm!



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