So… Coffee Anyone?

Well, over the weekend (Saturday) our Keurig mysteriously stopped working. I am really good about rinsing it with vinegar every week and making sure we take good care of it. It was given to me in 2009 and I’ve used it ever since with no issues. Well, flash forward to December 7, 2014, I had asked hubs is he wanted some coffee prior to starting a project that morning. He enthusiastically said yes, so attempting to be the good wife, I went to the coffee maker and it just wouldn’t work… so devastating. Anyway, turns out we needed some other things for the project, so we ran out to Home Depot and Target (smart, I know, a couple weeks before Christmas… not crowded at all, hahaha). Anyway, while at Target, we decided to buy a combo single cup coffee machine and a carafe coffee machine.

I am slightly obsessed with gadgets and this new wonder had all sorts of functionality and buttons!!! So, while we are getting the coffee maker, I mention to hubs that I had heard that French Press coffee was the best type of coffee. With a gentle sigh of frustration (he knows that once I get going on something, I am going to go for it), he walks down the aisle at Target and picks up a French Press. While he is down at that end of the aisle we have the following conversation:

Me – “Honey, we probably should get a coffee grinder as well so we can do a rough grind of the coffee beans.”

Him – “You mean we can’t just use normal ground coffee?”

Me – “No… it will taste better.”

Him – “Ok, Coffee Queen…”

So, we walk out of Target with a new coffee maker, French Press, and coffee grinder. On the way home, I realize that we have no coffee beans, so we stop at a local coffee shop where I got a lecture on the type of coffee that would be best. So we got home with a new coffee maker, French Press, coffee grinder, coffee beans from some country and region that I cannot pronounce and oh yeah, 8 Christmas wreaths and more greenery, and a paint brush (Hub’s project).

Anyway, that afternoon and the next day I made cups of coffee in each of the machines for Hubs and he did admit that the French press with freshly ground coffee was pretty awesome. Score!

Oh, and what happened to our old Keurig you might ask… well, I was able to get it fixed, apparently it just was having a morning where it might have needed some coffee as well! hahaha

But the true irony of the whole coffee maker situation is that I personally don’t drink coffee. I love the smell, I just don’t drink it. Ever. Yep.

Hope everyone has a great week!



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