Thankful Thursday

In an effort to be more Thankful, I am participating in Thankful Thursday. There is so much that I have to be thankful for, but here are just a few!

  1. Hubs – I know I say that fairly often, but this week he has not only tolerated the Christmas decorations going up, he has helped. This is huge for him as he isn’t a big holiday person (for many of the past holidays he has been away from friends and family).
  2. Family – I had the pleasure of seeing my family this past weekend for Thanksgiving and it was great! We are a small but very tight-knit family, so time together is always treasured. Loved getting to just hang out and relax together.
  3. Sadie & Beau – I truly have some of the best pets around. Sadie is just a rock-star at traveling and well, life in general… Seriously, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love her… she does that to people, just charms them with a few puppy kisses and tail wags. For Beau, he is your typical cat’s cat. He isn’t exactly Mr. Social, but he is a sweetheart once he trusts you (it took him almost a year or so to warm up to me). He turns 20 in May and for a cat that is 19.5 he is still very nimble and we go for walks in the backyard every day and he just loves to chase the birds (and the dog!).
  4. Christmas – So, for anyone who has read this blog before knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. Seriously, I love almost everything about this season and I look forward to it all year! I just love the hope and the love that infuses this time of year.
  5. Memories – This year has been tough on my family as a few weeks ago we lost my sweet Grandmother. She had lived a long and wonderful life and I truly believe that she was ok with going on, however, every now and then I think of something she said or that we would do together and I get really sad. But I have to take a deep breath and then remember that I am so truly blessed to have those wonderful memories of her. I was so fortunate and lucky to have had her with me for 31 years and I know that she is still with me and that she guides me. Yesterday afternoon when I got hungry, I went downstairs and cut an apple up for a snack. It hit me hard right then how much I missed her because every time I went to her house (which was quite often) she would always have an apple cut up for the two of us to share and we would talk. So, yesterday I had an apple with Mammaw. She wasn’t there in person, but she was in spirit. So this week I am thankful for all those little moments and wonderful memories I have of her.

I hope each and every one of you is having a wonderful week!

Until We Meet Again,


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