Wellness Wednesday – Organization

Happy Wednesday everyone! So, y’all I have a confession to make… I * sometimes * am not the most organized person… in fact, let’s be blunt, at times I can drive my extremely organized hubs to the brink. Well, anyway, this is a skill I’ve worked on over the years and I am improving. So… today as part of this week’s Wellness Wednesday, I’m going to give some organization tips I’ve learned. Again, these are simply ideas that have helped me get organized and try to stay ahead of the game! If you all are like me, when you are unorganized and when it feels like you are always a moment late on that email or that phone call, it can have adverse effects on your mental and physical well-being. Anyway, I hope these tips help! Please let me know what has worked for you as well!


  1. I went old-school and went back to a paper calendar / planner. Yes, I carry it EVERYWHERE with me, but I feel so much better with it. I always promised myself I would check my electronic calendar every morning and every evening, but I would get busy and forget. The paper calendar helps. It is sitting on my desk and I cannot help but see it. Also, it is so easy to just throw an appointment or meeting or phone call in the calendar. Don’t get me wrong, I still use some functions of my online / electronic calendar, but for me, having everything written down is much more helpful. Again, each to their own.
  2. I have several hats that I wear, and I have created a to-do list spreadsheet with each “Julie” on it. I have it organized with to-do items and deadlines under each “Julie”… For instance, I have my main job as one section with the to-do list and deadlines, I have my second job as another section, I have a personal / pets / family section, and since it is the holiday season, I have a holiday section. The main thing is… keep it up and keep it where it is on one spreadsheet. Each evening before I am done with work for the day, I type in all of my changes / additions from the day, resort by date and that way I know everything I got done that day, I know what is on my to-do list for the next day and I can start work the next morning much more effectively.
  3. Folders, notebooks, etc. I have EVERYTHING in folders / notebooks (depending on the size of the amount of files). This has been so helpful because I can quickly find things that relate to a certain client or topic. I know some people will say I’m not being very “green” and if you feel that way, feel free to scan everything in and store electronically (which I do as a back-up for almost all of my files anyway). I take comfort in the fact that almost all paper now is at least 20% recycled, none is sourced from old-growth, and it helps provide jobs to people.
  4. Take a few moments each day and make sure your computer desktop and your actual desktop are clean and organized. I know some people thrive with clutter, but for me it just makes me freeze.

Again, I hope these help. These are just some tips / tricks I have learned to help keep me on-task and organized. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far!

Until We Meet Again,



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