Wellness Wednesday

So, in talking with many of my friends, everyone is talking about getting healthier, maintaining a positive attitude, getting into a position of financial wellness, and raising healthy kids. While conversing with many of my friends I noticed that there seems to be an attitude of wanting general wellness. Thus, I decided that each Wednesday we will touch on different topics / ideas / etc about the different aspects of overall wellness.

I know that for me, working from home now I have encountered unique challenges in staying healthy. It is so easy for me to get up, clean up and then go across the hall and start working. Once I start working I get in “the zone” and next thing I know it isn’t 6 AM anymore, it is noon, and then it is 5 PM and I have barely moved! Yikes!! I began to notice it in my waistline and then in my overall health… Thus, I have made a concerted effort to get more exercise in daily. I set a timer to make myself get up and walk around a couple times a day. I purchased a Fitbit Flex (LOVE IT). I am training for my next half-marathon. And Sadie gets several walks every day. I can tell a difference in my waistline and in my health! Anyway, over the next few weeks we will touch on various wellness topics.

Until We Meet Again,



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