Why Hello 31!

So… it has been a packed couple of weeks! Between a birthday last week… seriously, where did time go, a trip to Tennessee to see my Grandmother and a full week of work this week, the past two weeks have been full! That being said, I always like to take a moment to reminisce and reflect upon what I have learned in the past year.

1. Life is precious. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. This has been brought home these past few weeks. My Grandmother has been very ill and is slowly recovering and my Father In-Law is very ill and is fighting very hard to improve. Life is Good and we should be thankful for every moment we have with friends, family, and pets!

2. Organization is one sure-fire way to feel better about life / work / etc. With traveling often for work now and trying to manage a couple different careers, a family, and attempting to maintain some semblance of a social life organization has become a key to me not being a crazy person… although, pretty sure Hubs is sick and tired of all the sticky notes I have for him every morning before he leaves for work 🙂

3. Technology is a blessing… and a curse. We all live in this wonderful age of technology. Seriously, it is great, we can keep in touch with people with the push of a button (or two), pay bills with the ease of a swipe and learn about almost anything we want to learn about with a few clicks… however, I have started noticing people becoming overwhelmed by technology. We as a society need to take a step back and realize that every email does not have to be answered RIGHT NOW and that it is ok to let a call go to voicemail if it is dinner time. We don’t always need to be checking our phones to see what is going on with our friends through Social Media, sometimes we just need to enjoy. I went to dinner with some friends a bit ago and we all were checking e-mails, doing work, returning texts, etc at the restaurant. At the same moment we all looked up horrified at each other and put our phones in our purses. I think technology is great and I think timely responses are wonderful and not to mention polite, however, we all need to take a step back at times and just let our minds rest and not try to focus on doing 30 things at once, just one – live.

4. Patience, kindness and empathy are not weaknesses, but rather something we all should try to practice more often (and by we all, I mean me). I sometimes try to do too much in too little time… I sometimes get frustrated when other people don’t move at my speed (which is sprinting – ALL THE TIME)… I sometimes get upset when people don’t have situational awareness of what they are doing and how it adversely affects others… I sometimes let myself show frustration when I shouldn’t. Case in point, I get frustrated at the grocery store because I give myself 10 minutes to run in, get my list of stuff (organized by aisle) check out, get the car loaded and get to my next errand. Inevitably, there is always someone who is not in a rush, takes 30 things through the speed aisle (seriously 12 items or FEWER) or decides to walk VERY SLOWLY in the flow of traffic, thus stopping me from backing out of my parking spot and getting out of the stinking grocery store… I have to learn to breathe, remember that not everyone is in a rush and that I should show more patience, kindness and empathy. (Also I’ve learned to get to the stores as soon as they open, typically 6 AM – never a crowd then!)

5. We choose our path. I will probably get in trouble for this one, but I believe each day that we wake up we have the choice, we can be miserable about life and our circumstances, or we can get up and greet the day! Each day that we have is a blessing and I cannot help but feel that if we choose to be happy and choose to rejoice in what we have, choose to be proud of what we have, work hard to improve ourselves and others and take a sense of ownership of our lives, we as a society would be vastly improved. I know  some will argue that there is a time and place for professional (medical) help and I do not dispute that. I have seen the good that help can bring. But, for too many people, they choose to be miserable, to want more, to be jealous of others, and to just not be thankful for all they have. Today and every day, I choose to be happy. I choose to be hopeful. I choose to work hard and show pride in myself. I choose to lead by example rather than words. I choose to come home each day, look myself in the mirror and realize that I did good that day. Life is a choice, why not make it a happy one? Live. Laugh. Love. Repeat.

Ok, I know I’ve rambled, but come on, it’s my birthday week so I can ramble a little today right? I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Until We Meet Again,



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