Weekend Recap – Jumps, Mazes & errands!

Wow! What a weekend! Saturday morning hubs had a jump for work! Well, he told me to be at the DZ (drop zone) at 7:30, well, the DZ is about 40 minutes from our house, so I left in plenty of time to be there at 7:30, however, one of the roads out there is a windy road that is one way each way… ugh! Long story short, for about 9 miles, I was stuck behind a nice lady going 25 MPH in a 55 MPH zone … I was about to lose my mind (as were the 10 or so cars behind me)!

Anyway, Sadie and I arrived at the DZ just in time to see the plane take off and the first jumper go! When hubs came over, I found out he was the first jumper! So, victory in being kind of on-time! On a side note, I was a very proud pet parent… with the very loud noise of the engine, Sadie was cool as a cucumber! She just did her typical Therapy Dog stuff and found people to pet her and give her some “loving” (because, you know, she is totally neglected at home! haha!)

Sadie waiting patiently on her "papa" to jump!

Sadie waiting patiently on her “papa” to jump!

Saturday afternoon and evening we did that “married couple” stuff I always joked about, running errands, cleaning, going to Home Depot / Lowes, etc. I’m not going to lie, it was  a “nice little afternoon”!

Sunday we went and saw the movie The Maze Runner… I had some trepidations about seeing it because, 1- I hadn’t read the book yet (seriously, I have to read the book before seeing the movie) and 2 – I had heard some mixed reviews. It was an enjoyable movie. Will it win awards? Probably not. But, did I enjoy seeing it? Yes.

photo 3Also, it motivated me to stop on the way home yesterday and pick up the book. A few hours later I was finished with the book, and I definitely enjoyed the book more. It is an easy, quick read that will keep you engaged.

Hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend! Until we meet again!



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