9 Lives – Beau

So… this weekend, I was thinking about my cat, Beau. Beauregard is an older cat (he turns 19 in May) and can, at times, be a wee bit cranky. Beau adopted me when he was a little over 7 years old and has trained me pretty well! Anyway, this weekend I was reflecting on all the ways Beau has changed my life.

1. I am a very heavy sleeper. Seriously, I could probably get the Guinness World Record for ability to sleep (you know if there was such a thing). However, once Beau came into my home, no matter how tired I am or how asleep I am, I can be up in 0.5 milliseconds once I hear him starting to get sick. He has battled thyroid issues his whole life, so the throwing up is more frequent than either he (or I) would like. Poor guy.


2. If there are chicken nuggets, I will have a cat in my lap… trying to hop on the table. If I’m bringing chicken nuggets home, I will get the larger size because that is really the only human food he likes. And by likes I mean goes a little crazy for.

3. I can no longer have indoor plants. I love how I say that like I was a master gardener before. For example… Beau has a thing about flowers. He ADORES flowers. They are like his crack. He is a black cat, so when he gets his face all up in the flowers and gets pollen around his nose it is glaringly obvious! He then tries to play it off, however, let’s just say he will not be getting an Oscar anytime soon. I tried to be a good pet owner years ago and got him a catnip plant. Me, being the ignorant person that I was set it on a table that I thought he wouldn’t get on and went to work… I came home and he had eaten the entire plant. Yes, you read that correctly, he ate the whole thing! He was lying on top of the table, on his back his little belly all puffed up from you know, eating the whole plant. He was passed out. I walk over, wanting to make sure he was still alive (at this point he was 14) and he wakes up, turns his head to look at me, burps and goes back to sleep. He slept for the next two days… did not move. Which is good because it took me a few days to get everything put back the way it was before his catnip induced craziness made him go ballistic!

4. Lint rollers are purchased in bulk and used frequently. Not just on clothes, but on the furniture and cushions etc.

5. Beau LOVES water. Seriously, the cat is a freak of nature and loves the water. When I first got him and he jumped in the shower with me, I thought it was the movie Psycho. I jumped out of that shower like it was going out of style. Since then, most of the time I take a shower, I let him in once I’m done… he likes prancing around in the water (and then tracking it everywhere, so I have to follow him with a towel, but he gets pleasure out of it.)


6. I never thought that I would be the person who gets up every hour or hour and a half that I am home and feed the cat with a spoon. Nor did I think my hubs would do that either. However, as Mr. Beau has gotten older dry cat food is harder for him to eat and as most older pets and people do he only eats a little at a time. Since my hubs and I are suckers for animals this usually means that we will hop up if we see Beau wander into the kitchen. We will find him near the refrigerator waiting patiently. We then get the canned food in it’s plastic (smell-proof) container our and feed him as many spoonfuls as he will eat. He then does the obligatory rub against our legs and goes back into the den with us.

7. I never thought that I would install a bird feeder just so a cat could have entertainment… but I did. He would sit in the safety of his chair watching those birds all day. Every now and then you would hear his “hunting” meow… That is on our to-do list at the new house, install a bird feeder so Mr. Beau can be entertained.


How has your pet changed your life? What do they do on a daily basis to make you chuckle (i.e. jumping from the couch to the coffee table, catching the newspaper and sliding off the table)?

Until We Meet Again


2 thoughts on “9 Lives – Beau

  1. Carolyn Pierson Cook says:

    This was a really good one.   That Beau…he has changed all of our lives in many ways   : )   Carolyn Pierson Cook Absolute Communications http://www.absolutecom.com 423-246-0336

    >________________________________ > From: Southern Charm and Pearls >To: carolyn_cook@yahoo.com >Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 11:58 AM >Subject: [New post] 9 Lives – Beau > > > > WordPress.com >juliecpierson posted: “So… this weekend, I was thinking about my cat, Beau. Beauregard is an older cat (he turns 19 in May) and can, at times, be a wee bit cranky. Beau adopted me when he was a little over 7 years old and has trained me pretty well! Anyway, this weekend I was” >


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