On the countdown… Sochi 2014

For anyone who has read my blog before, you probably know I have a slight MAJOR obsession with the Olympics! I look forward to seeing athletes from around the globe gather in one place to celebrate the very best of humanity. I love hearing the phrase,” We invite the youth of the world to gather in 4 years time in…” at the closing ceremony of each Olympics. I love seeing people from all walks of life gather in the spirit of genuine sportsmanship.

These young men and women who have dedicated so much to achieve their dream and their families who have sacrificed so much so that their child’s crazy, remote, somewhat impossible dream could have the chance to become a reality. Even though most of the participants don’t win a medal, just imagine, if you will, that moment right before the Opening Ceremony… that moment right before you walk into the arena with your countrymen, waving your flag and knowing that you are living history.

The moments that define the Olympics, for me, are not always the winning moments, but rather the moments leading up to that, the moments where true sportsmanship takes place, the moments where countries and nations and all that divides us is forgotten and all that remains is the fact that we are all human. The moments where an athlete is injured, can barely walk, yet wants to finish and next thing you know, out of the stands through security  his dad races onto to the track to help and the crowd and all the other competitors cheer. The moments where athletes from different walks of life switch bibs after the race as a sign of friendship and respect. The moments where the older more mature competitors get their moment of recognition from the younger athletes they have inspired. The moments where a young girl, from a country that allows women almost no freedom, represents her nation and stands as a symbol of hope for that country. The moments where people push past the pain and the fear and the pressure of a lifetime of hopes, dreams, hard work and tears! The moment where a team unites and does things that no-one thought was possible. Those are the moments that make the Olympics worth waiting for, worth watching and worth believing in.

For a few weeks, the world comes together not as individual nations just to cheer for their athletes, but as people to cheer on and lift each other up. For a brief few weeks every other year, we are reminded that more unites us than divides us. That for me is why I love the Olympics so very much. I cannot wait to see the youth of the world gathered in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Until We Meet Again,



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