2014 – Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

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Good morning world! Ok… by world I mean like the 5 of you who read my blog (Hi Mom & Dad!). I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Since, as usual, at this blog we do things a little behind schedule, I am now posting my New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Work hard – Sounds Simple I know, and I am a hard worker, but this year has brought new and interesting challenges (i.e. working from a new location, growing the business, etc) and I need to be on top of my “game” to make this year a success.

2. Be Healthy – Again, sounds simple… but this is an all-encompassing healthy. I need to do what is necessary to be physically healthy, emotionally healthy and spiritually healthy. Taking the time to take care of my health needs to be a priority this year.

3. Be Happy – I know I will probably get lambasted for this belief, but it is my belief that we create our own situation (to an extent). Each morning, no matter how tired or cranky or not feeling great I may be, I choose to get out of bed and be happy and excited to live that day! I choose happiness. I choose joy. Sometimes that joy and happiness is a little more difficult to find, but I still choose to find them!

4. Love more – This sounds simple, but sometimes people all need to be loved. Whether it is a hug, or an e-mail letting them know they are in your thoughts, or a letter with a news clipping you think they might like or a postcard when you are on vacation or just a smile on the street, I think everyone needs to feel loved. This year I want to love more and judge less, I want to be more understanding and more patient with people.

5. Save more – As with all things, this is to be done with thought. I want to save more, but I also want to live. This year it is about finding that perfect balance of saving enough that is wise, but also enjoying the moment and the little things in life!

In a nutshell, those are my hopes for 2014. Have you set your 2014 Resolutions? Feel free to share them below! I wish everyone luck and success in maintaining their goals / resolutions / hopes!

Until We Meet Again,


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