New Kicks

I used to have a tennis coach who called shoes kicks… anytime any of the players he coached came on the court with new shoes he would ask “New Kicks?”. Since then, anytime I’m talking about any type of athletic shoes (running, tennis, walking, etc.) it is hard not to call them kicks! Anyway, I digress. The past few times I had run in my older shoes (which, to be fair, are still great for walking, but are woefully past their time of replacing) it had hurt and hurt in a way that isn’t conducive to long runs! For Christmas, Hubs / Santa got me a gift card to fix that!

Running Shoes

I went and got some new kicks, Brooks Adrenalines to be exact! To be fair, they aren’t as colorful as some of my earlier shoes… the louder the color the better as an old friend once said! Anyway, I cannot wait to test them out this afternoon / evening when I go for a run at a local park! The polar vortex has finally warmed up a bit and this Southerner will be putting on her running tights (sorry to anyone who sees me!) and taking these new kicks for a ride!

Am I the only one who gets this excited over new running shoes? Or is it a runner thing? I hope everyone has a great Friday and enjoys their runs this weekend!

Until We Meet Again,


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