Thankful Thursday – 1/9/2014

In continuing my Thankful Thursday, here is just a few of the people and things that I am thankful for this week. Sometimes we all need to pause and just say Thanks!

Ms. Sadie snoozing the day away!

Ms. Sadie snoozing the day away!

This week I am thankful for:

1. Time spent with Hubs -I don’t like to focus on it often, but the Hubs has a very dangerous job. Even when he isn’t deployed to places unknown, he is constantly jumping out airplanes and helicopters, spending time at the range, practicing demolition and going through some really arduous and emotionally depleting training. I am thankful for quiet nights we get to spend at home curled up on the couch. I am thankful for any day he can take a few moments and meet me for lunch. I am thankful for any day I get to hug him and kiss him when he gets home. Sooner rather than later he will have to go again and I won’t have those moments that most couples take for granted. Thus, instead of being sad, I’m going to enjoy those moments and be thankful for them. I encourage any of my readers to celebrate those moments as well. In the end moments are all we have.

2. Family – I know I say it every Thankful Thursday, but my family is pretty awesome! This week we had a little of a worry with one of our family members and the entire group was on it in no time. Also, I get to spend a week with many of them next week, so I’m very excited! Time spent with loved ones is always a wonderful blessing!

3. The Stepson (N) – Anyone who knows me knows that I like kids… kids sometimes don’t always like me. That is probably because I speak to them like adults and I have high expectations of them. Getting to not only meet for the first time, but spend two weeks with my stepson was truly a blessing. N was truly a sweet and good kid and I am thankful for the time we spent together as a family, especially around Christmas.

4. Pets – While writing this, Beau (my 18, almost 19 year old cat) is snoozing near my feet and Sadie (my wonderful Therapy Dog – happiest dog EVER) is curled up in one of her many beds and having a dream (where I’m sure she is catching the cat!). These two four-legged fur-babies provide so much company to us, and me especially on the days I work from home!

5. Cold Weather – Please know that this one was hard to type… I don’t like cold weather, in fact I really really really don’t like it… however, without the cold and the winter how could we appreciate summer and spring? Winter gives us balance and nature is all about balance. Thus, as much as I look like the Michelin Man with my five million layers and sweaters and fuzzy socks, I appreciate the cold because it gives us the promise of spring and summer.

Until We Meet Again,



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