Holly Jolly Time of the Year – Christmas Obsession

Well, it is that time of the year… wreaths are up, trees are decorated, snow may or may not be falling (depending on which side of the Mason Dixon line you live), hot cocoa is brewing and folks are enjoying more time inside and more time with their families.  That being said, in traditional Southern Charm and Pearls Style we are going to do a countdown (hey, I like countdowns!) about ways you know you have a Christmas obsession!

Sadie & I at Christmas last year!

Sadie & me at Christmas last year!

Top 10 Ways to know if you (or someone you love) has a Christmas Obsession!

10. Thanksgiving… what is Thanksgiving? Oh… right… turkeys, pilgrims, etc… you dress those up to look like snow men, angels and reindeer.

9. There is no such thing as too many decorations. You are the person who waits on Black Friday to get Christmas lights on sale.  You stock up on more Christmas decorations and ornament after each Christmas and every year you keep buying more because your house, car, office and family’s houses are just not festive enough. Bring it on Christmas decoration sale, you have met your match!

8. Your iTunes and Netflix queue is OVERLOADED with Christmas movies and music.

7. You go to a Tacky Christmas Sweater party and you actually own some of the sweaters and you wear them regularly in public.

6. Neither your pets nor your kids are safe from your Christmas enthusiasm! Beware little reindeer and elves, you will be dressed up and embarrassing photos will be taken. You can not run and you can not hide! Seriously, where did my cat go I want to some reindeer horns on him!

5. Your Christmas Tree is a finely honed masterpiece! Scrooges beware, you will fit every. last. ornament you own on that tree. And 20 strands of lights. And Ribbon. And Wire Mesh Ribbon. And Bubble Lights. And icicles. Also, you have multiple Christmas trees…they might even be themed (I don’t know of whom I speak here… I only did 3 this year!).

4. Your Christmas Cards are usually the first ones people receive. You just cannot wait to spread that Christmas Cheer!

3. You can embarrass Santa with the number of lists you have. You make lists for every holiday meal leading up to THE HOLIDAY Meal. You make a list for every person on your (separate) shopping list. You make lists of where you want to go to do different holiday festivities. You make lists of holiday festivities you want to do at home. You make a list of lists you need to make.  The list could go on and on… and if you have a Christmas Obsession, it is going on and on!

2. You have an unrequited love of tinsel… so shiny and sparkly! You just cannot help yourself, you go tinsel crazy, every year! Seriously, you get so pumped even thinking about decorating something with tinsel people think you should drink less caffeine!

1. You know that Elf on the Shelf is going to go crazy and kill everyone one night… but you just. can’t. resist… it is a Christmas tradition after all, and you would NEVER EVER break a Christmas Tradition.

If you, like me, can identify with many of these indicators, congratulations you are obsessed with Christmas! Now go hang some more Christmas lights, add another Christmas tree and find more room on your mantle for that elf!

Until We Meet Again,


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