Meal Planning

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Folks, I have a confession to make… it isn’t something that is cool or hip… but it is a necessity of adult living… I am a meal planner. Seriously, I am the person who plans her meals the week before (Lunch and Dinner – Breakfast is usually Oatmeal, smoothies or cereal – exciting I know!). Anyway, I did this when I was single and I do this now that I’m married.  Hubs doesn’t seem to mind too much since it involves him eating something other than a sandwich, frozen pizza or a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store(staples of every bachelor’s meals). Also, the meal planning I do helps keep us on budget, which is fantastic (Love the Envelope System of budgeting!).

Anyway, these meal plans are good for two people (if one has to eat a significant caloric load to maintain weight due to working out, etc) or for three people (moderate eaters).  I’ve been asked by several friends to email them my meal plans, recipes and shopping lists… would you all be interested in me posting them on here?  Please note that very few (if any) of the recipes are mine and I will give all credit where credit is due (for one, I’m not trying to make any profit from doing this and second, any recipe I concoct will probably not end well). Also, please note that grocery lists and approximate shopping costs are just that – approximates.

I will start including on Wednesday the meal plan, recipes (most of the time it will be a link to the website the recipe is from) and an approximate cost.  Staples will not be included in the shopping list for budget purposes (but will be included on the list at the bottom for shopping purposes if needed).  I am usually able to keep my husband’s and my weekly food spending to around $100 ($400 per month – without adult beverages and date nights out).  This obviously is dependent upon region, taxes, holidays, etc. I hope everyone enjoys!  If you have a recipe you’ve done on your blog that you would like me to include, please comment below and I will make every effort to include it in the coming weeks. Until then, start breaking out your aprons, blenders and cutting boards!

Until We Meet Again,



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