How do you know you are a runner?

Why hello world… I’m back… Ok, so I was never really gone, just super busy.  Anyway, after taking some time off from running, I’ve started back up and let me tell you what… taking time off was simultaneously great (I remember how much I LOVE to run) and horrible (I am really out of shape kiddos).  Anyway, for your reading pleasure, here are some ways you too can tell if you are a runner!  Feel free to add any in the comments!

1.  You do laundry… every day!  And most of your laundry is running related!

2.  You do not balk at spending $150 + on running shoes… in fact if you get shoes on sale, you wonder what is wrong with them!

3.  You plan vacations / holidays around which race is going on at that time.  When you travel you spend more time planning your running routes than choosing hotels / restaurants  / etc.

4.  When you see a runner running you get jealous.

5.  You watch the weather and actually pay attention.  It doesn’t matter for any other fact than when you will get your run in.

6.  Spandex is your friend… Seriously, like BFF.

7.  You have a name for your GPS watch (My watch’s name is George).

8.  You have your different routes (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc) and you know them by heart.

9.  Many of your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) updates are about (cue shocked gasp) RUNNING!

10.  You fully understand that awkward time when you are stretched and ready to run, but your watch still says “Locating Satellites”.

11. When you hear the word bib (even if you have kids) you think about a race bib and not a baby bib.

12. You have a favorite flavor of GU and you don’t deviate!  Except for that one time you got one with caffeine… and that folks is a totally different story!

13.  You are often asked “When is your next race?”

14.  You have close friends who you can call, and say with no preamble, “The fartlek was good today”, or “The quarter pounder before running was a bad idea” or “I think I hurt my groin”… and you are still friends… and can talk for hours about it!

I have many more, but I won’t bore you… today with those!  I’m off to go get a few miles in before dark!

Until We Meet Again,



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