What time is it again? First World Problems

So, I have found myself in a true first world dilemma the past few weeks.  I was sitting at my desk working on some correspondence with various family members and friends, and I realized as I was writing the salutations that I was unsure if it should be “Good Morning” or “Good Evening”.  Currently the folks are in Australia / New Zealand (which also has several individual time zones, so that is another sticky wicket if you catch my drift… is it noon tomorrow over there? or is only 10 AM tomorrow… wait, if it is tomorrow over there… does that really mean that today and tomorrow are the same thing… seriously, almost had an existential crisis.  Thankfully the crisis was averted by my realizing that my wine glass was pretty much empty!).

In addition to the parent’s travels, I have several friends serving in remote parts of countries such as Afghanistan and others and so to send them an email requires me to use the program on my iPhone to figure out what time zone they are in… did you know Afghanistan does not honor / participate in daylight savings… so twice a year that gets confusing (ok… let me rephrase, more confusing).

Well, in the middle of that existential crisis, I have another friend in Germany currently  and a client in France.  Thankfully they are only 6 hours ahead.  But attempting coordinate any emails or whatnot is even more fun because then I start thinking about saying their time in either French or German (only problem is that I don’t really speak German, except for one fateful night, thank you Mrs. Beth WV and to be completely honest my French is pitiful enough to make the most kind Frenchman cover their ears… I comprehend better than I speak. If only I applied the same thought process to English…hmmm).

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, my first world problem of “What Time is It” pales in comparison to the real problems out there, however, yours truly is going to go have a glass of wine and attempt to write some e-mails and correctly figure out what time it is over there.  (P.S. – You want to get really confused?  Send emails back and forth between different time zones and they show the time zone they were opened in… So… somebody is replying from the future? haha… kiddding just kidding!)

I hope everyone has a great day!

Until We Meet Again,



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