What is the world coming to?

Ok… so this will be a sort of serious post.  I read this article today on Yahoo… and I felt moved to comment on it. (Article is here.)  To summarize, a female prison guard who works at a maximum security prison in Iowa has the duty of monitoring inmates during their daily TV & movie time.  These inmates have been convicted of murder, rape, assault, etc and are allowed to watch TV & movies during the day.  This is not the most disturbing thing… the movies that they are allowed to watch are explicit and often-times filled with violence (not just minor violence, the type of violence that makes people wretch).  This woman has filed several complaints over a series of years (yes, you read that correctly, years) to her supervisors to ask them to stop playing these movies and to ask for a different assignment.  She has been threatened, groped, assaulted and traumatized by the inmates and ignored or demeaned by her superiors. Through 4 different wardens she has asked, been reprimanded on record and was only within the past few months was put on a desk job.  And that is That is purely because she finally filed a lawsuit.

I am writing this today for a few reasons. First, it really upset me that men (or women) who are convicted of dangerous crimes (or any crimes for that matter) are allowed to have time to watch movies, especially ones of such explicit and violent nature.  This is disgusting.  I’m sorry, while I am not a taxpayer in Iowa, I would be horrified if even one penny of my taxes went toward dangerous criminals wasting time.  Prison should not be a vacation. Prison is a punishment.  I know there are ways for prisons to cover some of their costs with inmate labor.  I am not suggesting anything that dangerous or “slave-like” hours, just work, not explicit movies and leisure.

Second, I am writing this in disgust at how this woman has been treated.  We are in 2013 ladies and gentlemen, the era of women not having a voice is OVER.  The fact that she has been reprimanded, assaulted and threatened because of her viewpoint is ludicrous.  I hope that by this article getting into the public eye that the public will be able to  determines the truth.  She will never get her time, or all the animosity she has suffered back, but I hope that she does get her self-respect and pride back.  That is something that no-one has the right to take, question or impugn.

Kristine, if you are reading this, or if you are someone who is in a situation that is intolerable like this, please know… you are not alone.  The thoughts and voices of decent people everywhere (in this country and abroad) are with you and are supporting you.  It is time for us to use our voice and make a difference.  The difference could be local, it could be international… it does not matter.  It is time for us, as a people to start standing up, doing what is right and not what is easy and fighting the good fight.  Perhaps, just perhaps, by doing that, we can get our world right-side up again.

I promise tomorrow won’t be so serious, folks!

Until We Meet Again,



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