It’s a Wonderful Life…

Whew… what a crazy couple of days… With the whirlwind of activity that always surrounds the Holidays, I wanted to take a moment, step back from all the “commercialized stuff” and just reflect on those things for which I am thankful this season.

1.  Family – I a so very thankful for a wonderful, loving and supportive family.  I do not have words to express how much they mean to me, but I would give my family a 100 on  a scale of 1 to 10 (does that give you any clue how awesome they are?).

2.  Friends – Not to sound conceited, but I truly have some of the most amazing friends. Ever.  These guys and gals truly are special,wonderful folks.  What I love is that each of us are at different points in our lives, yet we are all able to connect and remain close through the changes.

3.  Military – Over the past few days I’ve talked to several of my friends who are deployed to wish them a Merry Christmas (my Christmas cards haven’t arrived to them yet… oh well).  Several of the friends I have met during the Operation One Voice Runs, who are SOF (Special Operations Forces) are currently deployed, so I spoke with several of them through Skype the past couple of days.  I’m just thankful that they are willing to go to the places in the world that are not safe and do what needs to be done for our safety.  Also, I am thankful for their families and the sacrifices they all make for us.

4.  Friends that you don’t get to see often – I have a few friends who I do not get to see very often… in fact one time I heard a dear friend refer to these types of great friends who you don’t get to catch up with frequently as your “wingman”.  Long story… but that has stuck with me…

5.  Pets – What type of list of what I’m thankful for would it be without mentioning my four-legged family members!  I’m blessed to have the sweetest, most friendly dog and the most amazing cat ever as my four-legged family members!

6.  Little things – I am thankful for all of the little things in my life.  For if you cannot be thankful for the little things, do you deserve the bigger things?  Also, as life goes on, you come to realize that it is all the little things that make life worth living.  Things like random emails, great songs, daisies, and awesome running shoes!

Well I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to hearing all about everyone’s 2013!

Until We Meet Again,



2 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Life…

  1. Carolyn Pierson Cook says:

    So good. We are so blessed with a great daughter, family and friends. Plus great pets–especially one therapy dog.

    Love you bunches.

    Carolyn Pierson Cook Sent from my iPhone


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