Christmas decorating should come with a warning label

Dear Garland, lights, wreaths, glitter, tinsel, ribbon, tulle, mesh, wrapping paper, et al,

This is my official notice that all of the above should come with warning labels.

Decorating seemed like a great idea (if for no other reason than it cleared some room in the garage while unpacking).  First, I would like to start by stating that Pinterest lied… seriously I consider myself of above-average intelligence and I am fairly handy, however, some of these so called  *super easy*, *diy*, *quick and easy* projects that everyone keeps posting pics of because they are THAT AWESOME are not super easy, diy, or quick… in fact so far most have ended up with me somehow almost tied up in lights and garland while my dog and cat are taking bets on how long it will take me to get out of “this mess”.


That being said… I have not given up hope.  I will use Clark Griswold as my decorating inspiration… really, can you ever have too many lights (I am certain my neighbors would say yes, to which I proudly say no).  I am still figuring out the whole floodlight / spotlight onto house situation, but so far I have not electrocuted myself or knocked power out for the neighborhood so I will call that a win!

Anyway, I am now off to make a gold glitter mesh bow for a tree topper after which I will take more sparkly icicles and decorate tree #1 (tree #2 is in process as well).  After the tree decorating is done, I’m off to hang wreaths on the windows, put garland above the doors, more garland (but this has cranberry looking things in it over both mantles, because my house is the overachiever with 2 fireplaces)… and then I’m going to try and find my sanity or call someone to help me untangle all the garland I am stuck in!  However, I forgot the most important first step… opening the wine and enjoying some vino while attempting to be a crafty DIYer… The dog and cat are still taking bets about how long it will be until I give up and put up just a wreath and call it a day, I’m sure they would let you in on the bets!  Haha!

Just call me Clark!

Until We Meet Again,



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