Welcome Home for Christmas!

Sorry for the lengthy delay!  I’ve been moving!  You would think with the number of times that I have moved I would be REALLY good at it by now… I’m not.  Truly… I have a garage full of boxes to unpack, but you know what I did first?  If you guessed put up Christmas decorations, you would be correct!  Pics will be coming soon!  Worry not, if you aren’t in a festive mood yet, give me time, I will get you there!  You will be singing carols and drinking hot cocoa before you know it!

Ok, since I’ve been MIA for a while, here are some previews of upcoming blogs:

–  Operation One Voice Special Operations Forces Run

–  Sadie’s Pet Therapy Progress

–  Exciting news from a dear friend!

–  Some more yummy recipes (because you know… can’t avoid cooking, haha)

–  List of races that I’ve got a group getting together for!  Any of my running friends we would *love* to have you join us!

–  And many more!

I am back now, no more moving for a while!  I’ve really missed the daily habit of blogging and recording my thoughts, so I hope maybe you all have missed me as well!  Maybe that is wishful thinking?  🙂

Until We Meet Again,



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