Americans… the smiling people

You know how you people can always tell you are an American?  Because, it seems American’s are usually the smiling people.  Seriously, everywhere we go, we are “those people”.  We smile, we talk, we laugh, we are happy people.  For a long time this made me wish we as Americans could be more “mature” more “worldly”, more jaded I guess.  We don’t have the ennui of many other cultures or the attitude of some cultures.  However, in reading the news recently, I am thankful for our joy, our happiness, our laughter.

Around the world, you have countries bombing each other, and it is considered normal for people in that part of the world to have and use their bomb shelters, on a daily basis.  You have countries kidnapping people who have asked for political asylum in other countries and jailing them as terrorists when all they did was disagree with the government.  You have nations where rebels routinely roam the land, killing and kidnapping thousands of innocent children and the legitimate government cannot do anything to stop it.  These, and so many more atrocities happen every. single. day.  How do people live with that fear? that terror?  I don’t know.  I don’t know if I could bear it.
Reflecting on all of this, it is no wonder American’s are “those people”.  Think about it, in other nations, a person’s main concern might be hoping he doesn’t get killed by a terrorist or a suicide bomber.  In America, our main concern might be what we are having for dinner (chicken or beef?).  In another country, a person might just be hoping to make it through the night with his children still safe.  Here in America, a parent’s concern might be that their kids are being too rambunctious around bedtime.  We as a nation are so safe and oftentimes so blissfully ignorant of all of the horrible atrocities that go on in the world around us.  We are not fighting for our lives against cartels, against terrorists, against fascist governments, against famine, against illness upon illness.  Especially during this election season when so much is dividing us as a country, Republican, Democrat, Left, Right, Middle… we tend to forget the myriad of blessings we as a nation enjoy.  We forget that we have freedoms and liberties that are unparalleled in this world.  We forget that our smiles, our laughter, our joy is such a blessing and deserves to be honored and fought for.

We are so blessed.  God bless America.

Until we meet again,


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