We are those people!

Fair warning, this post might make you laugh… at me and my friends, but to acknowledge, we are those people.  I am inordinately blessed with absolutely AMAZING friends.  People who know me at my best and my worst and love me either way.

A few times each year, we have a group of girls that gets together and goes for weekends away.  Usually to the mountains, or Atlanta, or the beach, pretty much anywhere we can go and have fun!  Well, here in two weeks we are going to Helen, Georgia.  What goes on in Helen, Georgia you might ask?  Only the largest and longest Oktoberfest celebration in America.  Yep, my girlfriends and I are going down to enjoy the last weekend of Oktoberfest (since we are all too cheap and low on vacation to go to Germany!).  But, here is where you might laugh… we had shirts made.  Yes, shirts for our group.  They arrived the other day and guess who is excited about breaking in her shirt?  That would be this cat!  Below is a gratuitous pic. On the front it has a German Beer dude and one of my favorite Family Guy quotes “I need an adult” and on the back “Put on your big girl Lederhosen!”.  Yes, we are those people and we fully embrace it!  Thus, bring on the steins, the beer, the polka music, the crazy green hats and let’s eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we will all be deleting Facebook and Twitter posts!

Yep… bring on the adventures!


Until We Meet Again,



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