Football Hangover…

Well… it is “Monday”!  Well, it is officially football season… I attempted to jam pack as much football in over the weekend as possible and I now I have the dreaded “football hangover”.  If you are wondering what I mean by football hangover, it is that feeling you get when you have watched hours and hours of football after months of no football.

For instance, are you hearing play-by-play calls of everything you are doing in your head?  If so, you have a football hangover.  For example, I went to go get some papers off the printer and on the way I almost had a run-in with a coworker in the hall.  In my head the announcer’s voice is saying “Ok… here is a head on head situation… Julie could go right or she could fake and go to the left… stutter step and yes, Al, she went left.  Open path now to the end zone (i.e. printer)”.

Is your hand itching for the remote control to switch between various games?  If so, you have a football hangover.

Are you still going over plays in your head?  Are you debating the virtues of a play action?  Or could a post route have been more efficient?  If so, then you my friend are suffering from a football hangover!

Are you STILL wearing your team’s colors?  Did you wear them every day this weekend?  Did you take pictures of you wearing your team’s colors around town?  Did you send those pics to your friends who are football fans?  Did you break out in your fight song all weekend?  If any of these are true, you, my friend are suffering from a football hangover.

I could go on and on, but I think by now, you can recognize the symptoms of a football hangover.  Just remember friends, if you know someone who is suffering from these symptoms, help and not judgement is the key.  One day, it could be you 🙂 Until then, I’m off to sing Rocky Top once more while doing a play-by-play call of my day all while wearing orange and perhaps texting pics of my dog wearing her UT orange to my friends.

Until We Meet Again,



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