Welcome to the South… It is College Football Season!

Fall is officially here… I know, I know… Labor Day isn’t even here, it is still 90 degrees, fall colors have not arrived on the trees, and yet, here I am declaring that fall, in fact, is officially here.  Why do I say that, you ask…  Simple… It is Football Time in Tennessee!

For those of you who don’t know, I am one of “those fans” .  I wear orange every Friday and Saturday during football season.  We don’t have bad seasons, we simply have room for improvement.  I plan tail-gates a year in advance (literally, was planning some of this year’s tail-gates last fall).  I will sing Rocky Top at the top of my lungs (I am not a singer at all, but sometimes, you just have to sing Rocky Top).  And, I will always honor General Neyland.  Football season, to me, is about more than just football.  Football season represents those traits that us Southerners hold near and dear to our hearts.  It is a time to gather together with friends and family, recount old stories, make new stories, enjoy good food, have some bourbon (or whiskey) and enjoy your alma mater.  Every year, I eagerly anticipate college football season because I know that within a few weeks I will get to see many dear friends and catch up.  How could you not look forward to that?  Also, this year we are supposed to be decent (not great, but decent is an improvement over past years, so I will take it!!!).  On that note, here are some of my favorite tailgating moments from years gone by!!!  Go VOLS!

Until We Meet Again,


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