Congratulations to the Vale”dog”torian!!!

So… great news… weeks of training have paid off!  My dog, Sadie, passed her Therapy Dog Certification Test!  Not only did she pass it once, she passed it TWICE (once with me and once with Mom)!  The test was not easy, but she passed it with flying colors.  The instructors were so enamored with Ms. Sadie that as soon as the test was over they each invited her to sit in their laps and gushed about how sweet she was and how much they *loved* her.  All the instructors and assistants gushed about how she was their favorite dog!

Anyway, I posted the pic below on Facebook because I knew several of my friends were interested… ok… I could have put as my status “I created a cure for cancer” and I might have received 4 or 5 likes and a comment or two, however, when I put “Sadie passed her Therapy Dog Certification Test!” as my status, almost 100 people liked the status, there were so many comments I know people unsubscribed to the comments!  I see exactly where I rank now, haha…  One of my friends even asked if Sadie was the Vale”dog”torian and I couldn’t help but to quote Beth here!  Anyway, we have orientation in a few weeks and I cannot wait.  Sadie can’t wait either, she has a brand new collar to celebrate (and a bone! Spoiled? haha).  I hope everyone has had a great week so far!

Sadie Passed!


Until We Meet Again,


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