Hi world… it’s me…I’m back..

Wow!  These past few weeks have been a complete blur of action and to-do lists and travel.  I will try to summarize…  Work has maintained the same level of “crazy-busy” for the past few weeks (which is a wonderful thing, you will never, ever hear me complain about being too busy at work!).  However a few weeks ago, my co-chair for the Junior League of Kingsport’s annual fundraising event (Holiday Market – a 3 day shopping extravaganza with two parties thrown in for good measure) called me and said that with everything going on in her life that she was overwhelmed and had to back out.  Um… panic mode set in!
Thankfully my friend Katie (check her blog out here… it is AWESOME) stepped up in a *huge* way.  She is now co-chairing the event with me!  Whew!  We are now enmeshed in the planning process!

Anyway, I’m back to blogging some now (yay!).  Hope everyone is having a great last bit of summer!


Until We Meet Again,



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