Olympic Fever

Why hello world!  Sorry for the slight drop off (i.e. complete lack of) blogging this week.  I’ve been slightly obsessed with the Olympics (that little series of games going on across the pond, you might have heard of them? haha).  Anyway, between watching as much Olympic coverage as possible, while desperately trying to avoid spoilers (thank you Yahoo for labeling your stories with a “Spoiler Alert”) and work, I’ve been a wee bit busy (distracted).

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying the Olympics as much as I am… some of my favorite moments thus far:

1.  Sportsmanship – I hated what happened to Jordyn Wieber and I hope this might help bring about change to the rules of Women’s gymnastics… the top 24 athletes should compete, not just the top 2 from each country.  However, she handled it with a class and grace well above her years.

2.  Teams – I’ve been loving watching the swimming relay teams.  Especially when Phelps broke the record number of medals.  Reporters continued to ask him about his emotions, his feelings and he kept it team-centric.  His team knew what that swim meant and they were willing to let him have his moment, but he tried to keep to focused on the team.  Way to go Team USA!

3.  Humility – Between Missy Franklin, Rebecca Soni, McKayla Maroney, Jordyn Wieber, Le Clos, and so so so many others these games have had a sense of grace and humility.  It is amazing to me that these wonderful athletes who are so very superior are so humble about their gifts and just want to work as hard as possible.

4.  Opening Ceremony – Ok… I LOVED the children’s literature part, the history part and Paul McCartney, however, I didn’t really get the whole texting / social media part.  Let me rephrase, I got what they were trying to do… just didn’t really hit home with me.  Overall, loved it!

5.  Excitement – I love seeing the excitement and joy that so many of these athletes have had.  They are there to compete and they are EXCITED!  Love it!

Ok, I could go on and on, but that would involved missing more Oympics… so, I’m off to go enjoy some more Olympic action from London!  I hope everyone has had a fantastic day and a great week!

Until We Meet Again,



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