Taco Trucks & Hot Air Balloons, Weekend Recap

Whew, busy weekend here… definitely need to plan a relaxing one soon.  Here is what happened (and what I learned) this weekend.

1.  This past week has been a festival in my hometown called FunFest.  It has been around for 31 years now I believe and is always chock-full of activities, concerts, etc.  But, what I LOVE most is the people watching.  People come in from all over to participate in FunFest in years past and this year was no different.  During the week it is mostly activities for kids and retired persons, however, once Friday hits, the fun is on!  They do this Taste of Tri-Cities event (which is great since, you know, I love to eat!) on Wednesday – Saturday.  Due to some volunteer stuff and weather, I was unable to make it to Taste (which is less than a mile from my house) until Friday.  However, I was determined to make up for it Friday.  I got home from work, went for a super quick jog and then met the folks at Taste.  I promptly hit up one place for Lemonade, another for a yummy egg roll, and then a taco truck that had come in from Knoxville for some tacos.  Everything was good, however, as I was picking up one of my tacos to enjoy… literally the taco split in half… yep… thankfully it wasn’t too high, and it landed back in the basket.  Yummy though!  Note to self, check taco shell before eating!

2.  Saturday morning I went for an early morning run and met the folks near the Taste of Tri-Cities location to watch the hot-air balloons.  Part of FunFest is a Hot Air Balloon festival, which is just lovely.  For the family and I it is a time full of great memories.  For 15 years we hosted a hot air balloonist for the event.  She became like family and after a few years, she no longer brought in a crew, so we “crewed” for her.  She was wonderful with my cousins (Jason & Josh) and myself.  Even at the young age of 4 or 5 she would let us help with things and she trusted us to do them (I know she came behind us to double check, but feeling useful at such a young age was awesome!).  Also, it was such a treat that we got to involve our friends oftentimes as well.  Moreover, one time we took off out of our backyard, how many people have that experience.  Toby (the pilot) was one of the most capable and responsible people I’ve ever met.  She was an independent woman and she did not take crap off of anyone.  In a world of male pilots she not only stood her ground, she had earned the respect of those men and she did so with grace and humor.  However, like all things, life changes and interests change, and took up some other hobbies and is no longer flying hot air balloons, but every time I see one, I think of Toby and my first flight (I was 4 or 5 I think) and the wonder of just gliding through the air.

3. Last night I had planned on cooking steaks, however, like all great plans, that didn’t happen, so I made spinach, chicken and cheese quesadillas (yum!).  They were delicious!  I will post the recipe on here soon!  I feel that a good meal on Sunday brings the weekend to a good close and sets the tone for a good week to come!

4.  Prayers going to my friend D.’s dad who had surgery last week.  Prayers to my friend S. who is currently deployed in places unknown and dangerous (thank you for your service!).  Thoughts go to my friend’s sister E. who is healing from a horrible sting-ray sting (FYI – don’t ever get stung by a sting ray!).  Thoughts going to friends C. and J. who are entering their last few weeks of pregnancies.  Thoughts going to B. who is juggling several things right now!

I hope everyone else’s weekend was enjoyable and wonderful!  I look forward to reading everyone’s recap!
Until We Meet Again,



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