Run like you stole it and other weekend adventures…

Ok, ok, I know that my title of this post might not be the most politically correct title, but there is a story behind it (I will explain later, I promise).

Here’s what I learned over the weekend:

1.  Did you know that the outfits the American Olympians are wearing at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, were not, in fact made in America?  They are being manufactured in China.  Ok, so I know I am a bit behind the news on this.  I heard it on Friday and thought to myself, surely this isn’t true, and lo and behold it is.  I guess my question on this is, really? Really?  Do we not have enough fashion designers and people in America that could create amazing outfits for these Olympians?  Ok, I’m off of my soapbox now.

2.  I ran a race on Saturday evening – Crazy 8’s – World’s Fastest 8K.  Runners come in from all over to take part and try to break the world record which was set here in 1995.  This race is in my hometown and starts at 9:58 PM, so it is a lot of fun ( I love to run at night!).  Unfortunately I was not one of the fastest runners (shock, gasp, I know! haha).  During the race I saw a sign that stated “Run Like You Stole It!” which made me chuckle.  Not because the sign was funny (which it was) but because of an incident I had with a sign like that about a year ago… cue fuzzy TV waves coming down the screen now to a flashback.

Date:  June 25, 2011

Place:  Kingsport, TN (Don’t Rock the Boat 5K)

Details:  I was coordinating the race and we have several community service volunteers helping with the event and to get their court mandated community service hours.  Anyway, the night before I had made signs for the volunteers to hold along the course, one of which was “Run Like You Stole It!”.  Therefore, we get to one of the stops where we are letting volunteers out of the truck before the race and I’m handing out posters for the Community Service Volunteers (who are some of the nicest people I’ve worked with, most just got themselves in a bad spot and didn’t know how to get out).  As I hand out a poster to one of the guys (please bear in mind I didn’t even look to see what the poster said, I was trying to do 100 things at once), he gets the poster, reads it, chuckles, looks at me, holds it up and says “Really?”.  I had accidentally handed him the “Run Like You Stole It!” poster.  Oh, the irony.  Thankfully he had a good sense of humor because I was mortified!  Absolutely mortified!

3.  Sleep is a wonderful precious thing!  Ok, so I know that isn’t truly a major revelation, but on Sunday I allowed myself the luxury of sleeping in (something I never do anymore and it was AMAZING!).

4.  Baby Shower shopping should be considered a competitive sport… Ok, allow me to elaborate.  As I mentioned last week, several of my dear friends are expecting, and me being, well, me wants to get them a gift that they will actually like and use (and I REFUSE to buy diapers… I don’t change diapers on babies – not my thing, so therefore it would be hypocritical to buy them, right?  or is that me just being weird?).  Anyway, and I don’t want to spoil the gift for my friend, who reads the blog, but let’s just say the saleswoman in the store learned her lesson when dealing with me 🙂  She kept recommending the super-mega pack of diapers (sorry, you won’t be getting that from me) and I firmly reminded her I already had my selection.  Seriously, this conversation happened like 3 times…  Then, for another friend, I hesitated on the gift to give and then… like magic… someone else took it!  Seriously, baby shower shopping should come with warning labels!

5.  As I was getting Sadie’s stuff ready for her Therapy Dog training to start this evening, I started panicking that I had forgotten something and now she is sitting at my office with me (which is fairly common) and I have brushed her at least 4 times today… I think she knows something is up!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a fantastic Monday!

Until we meet again,



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