SPF, Pringles and Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

So… it is Monday!  I have  a couple recaps from this weekend (mostly things learned!).

1.  You can never wear enough sunscreen.  I tend to pour on the SPF (I am the crazy sunscreen a-holic).  I went to several get togethers over the weekend, and you could tell the other SPF addicts like  me and those who forgot sunscreen… and then you had me running around offering everyone sunscreen.  Yep…I’m that kid.

2.  Taco Bell missed a great opportunity for the Yo Quiero (spelling?) Taco Bell Dog.  I found it’s twin this weekend while running… and by found I mean was found… I’m just running down the street, jamming out to my music, staying out of trouble and here comes this tiny chihuaha determined to bite me… needless to say in the race of Julie vs. the dog I totally won (there was some pride on the line after all!)

3.  Beer and Burgers are NOT the superfoods of running.  Ok… ok… this is a lesson that I apparently have to learn repeatedly, but hey, maybe I’m just a slow learner on this topic.

4.  My new kicks are absolutely AMAZING!  Love love love them (and so do my feet!).

5.  The amount of fun that you can have with old friends and Pringles is almost unlimited (remember when you used to take the chips and make a duck bill?  or is that just my friends and I?  Anyway, we had a blast doing that and we have pics, but we all swore an oath to never publicly display them… boo).

Ok, well, that is my weekend wrap up thus far!  Hope your weekend was as much fun!

Until We Meet Again,



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