You know you are training for a marathon when…

Well, my training is on for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM).  I had planned on running it last year, however, I apparently caught the plague (kidding, but only partially) and had to back out.  Thus, I have had a whole year to think about and get excited / nervous about the race.  While I enjoy running, I am not the most talented runner, so whenever I am in a race and I get lined up to those people who you can just tell were born to run, it is scary…  But, it is a scary that I am looking forward to and a challenge that I am ready to embrace.

Ok, enough serious talk… for your reading pleasure, I have put together a top-10 list of how you know you are training for a marathon!

10.  You have thought about buying stock in energy gels.  No kidding, you buy the boxes of the gels and you still. manage. to. run. out.

9.  One Saturday (or Sunday depending on your training program) you just want to sleep in.

8.  The following terms are in your vocabulary (and not just in the back of your mind vocab, but the words you use vocab):  fartlek, tempo run, race pace, garmin, glide, gu, carb-load, PR, Compression socks, Halves

7.  When you tell people you are training for a marathon they either look at you like you are crazy or they immediately launch into tips and which marathons they have run.

6.  A short run is anything under 13 miles.  You go to run a 5K and you have to constantly remind yourself to speed up, you don’t have to conserve your energy.

5.  You have to precisely map out your runs so you make sure you get the distance without getting bored, running out of water, or in my case, make sure you don’t get lost.

4.  Each week you do several loads of laundry that are just running gear.  In fact, when you go to a store that carries running clothing and gear you find it very challenging to leave the store without purchasing something new to run in.

3.  For the ladies – you look down at your feet and realize that even the best pedicurist cannot fix everything and it breaks your heart during sandal season.

2.  You name your Garmin.  Mine is called Nigel (I imagine it having this British accent and calling me an idiot for running 26.2 miles when I could drive 26.2 miles)

1.  After a certain point, even if you LOVE carbs, you get tired of carbs (I know… blasphemy).

I hope your weekend leads you to fun runs and for those who are racing this weekend, Good Luck!


Until We Meet Again,


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