BBQ & Pinterest

Happy 5’th of July!  Yes, I missed wishing my blog friends a Happy Independence Day, so… the saying “a day late” is quite appropriate today!  Also, I have some major catching up to do… the past few weeks have been a blur of activity…  Anyway, here is one of last week’s adventures!

I organize a race for a charity I’m involved with, the Historic Netherland Inn.  I won’t bore you with details, but this facility is very intriguing and a wonderful historic gem.  We had the Rock the Boat 5K last Saturday (6/30).  First, let me thank the many many many wonderful volunteers who came out to support the Inn (and for a lot of the volunteers who were my friends and family – thanks for coming out to support me).  The race is run at 10 AM, which in the South is pretty much the death mark for a race.  On Saturday at the start of the race, the temperature was in the mid-90’s and HUMID (we are talking hair in a frizz ball humid).  Anyway, all the runners / walkers crossed the finish line and we only had one incident that needed our EMT team.  This kid flew through the course and he finished and was a bit dehydrated, but nothing a few moments of air conditioning, cold water and sitting down couldn’t fix.

Anyway, a tradition has started with this run, as my way of saying “Thank You” to all my friends and family who give so generously of their time, talents, and enthusiasm, I have a little get-together that evening to celebrate.  This year I made some home-made pulled pork BBQ (thanks Mom for the AWESOME recipe).  So… as I was preparing to host Saturday evening I did something that I shouldn’t have… I looked on Pinterest for some cute decorating ideas… Yep… I knew I shouldn’t, but I did.  Thankfully, my sheer lack of time prevented me from doing some of the more extreme decorating tips (aka bringing in hay bales for the front yard, etc).  Anyway, I did several decorations, but apparently only took one picture… here it is:

My attempt at recreating some Pinterest DIY decorations…

So, those of you that know me know that I am not exactly a crafty person or one of those DIY people (I am unfortunately not MacGyver and you cannot send me into the woods with a Swiss Army knife, a toothpick and a rubber-band and I will build you a mall…), therefore this small DIY was fun and kept me out of trouble.   More of the past week’s adventures to come later.

Until We Meet Again,



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