Karma…Hello, we meet again…

You ever have one of those days where all you can do is merely assume that you are repaying karma at a vastly accelerated rate?  Yep, that was me Friday afternoon.  Friday had been a bit crazy, but nothing unmanageable, yet crazy.  Anyway, I left work a bit later than usual and I decided that I wanted to treat myself with a frozen lemonade from  Fazoli’s (which of course is probably not really lemonade, but this crazy lemonade lover will accept substitutes)… anyway, so I go through the drive through, and when I’m ordering I hear a little something go “click” in the door, however, I didn’t really pay attention, so I wait my turn, get my FANTASTIC frozen lemonade, and try to roll the window up… here is where my fun little adventure begins.

Well, bad news the window wouldn’t roll up, however, the good news was that the weather here was supposed to be bone dry for the next few days.  WOW, was I wrong!  I get home, am enjoying my frozen lemonade and playing with Sadie and Beau when I hear what I had hoped not to hear (a major clap of thunder).  Well, my SUV is too wide to fit into my garage – older house (well, technically it can fit, but the doors cannot open, which creates a bit of a conundrum, anyway…).  Therefore, in my super calm state (ha!) I calmly walk around and attempt to discover if I have anything that can keep the rain out of my car.  All I can find are some oversized trash bags, scotch tape left over from Christmas and some scissors to cut the bags with (ok, ok, so I’m not MacGyver and can’t fix everything with a rubber band and a bobby pin)… thus, I proceed outside in the beginning stages of a storm to “waterproof” my Hans (nickname for my car… what, he’s German?  It was either Hans or Frans… and he looked like a Hans).  If you are smart at this point, you are probably wondering why I didnt’ do the cutting and taping inside where it wasn’t windy and oh you know thundering… I don’t know… I was in a rush and didn’t want Hans to get wet inside.

Anyway, I’m outside and it is thundering and lightning, and the car door keeps slamming shut because of the wind and the bags keep flying around, I’m wearing a dress and my hair is flying around… at that point I looked up to the sky and said “Seriously, it isn’t funny anymore” to which I received a perfectly timed clap of thunder which I assume means the Big Guy was saying “oh yes, it is!” and laughing at me (which I won’t deny it, I would have laughed at me too – I made a drowned rat look good!).  Anyway, I got the car waterproofed and Hans survived the weekend nice and dry and we got the window fixed today and he is now safely (and might I add weatherproofed) sitting in my driveway.

You ask… what does this have to do with karma?  Well… I had just picked up Hans at the service station less that 24 hours prior to this.  After fighting wind, rain, and thunder, I can only assume that I am repaying karma at a vastly accelerated rate (and perhaps providing entertainment to my neighbors! – Haha!)   I hope everyone else’s weekend was a bit calmer!

Until We Meet Again,



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