Life as a To-Do List…

So, today as I was at work doing, you know, work I started thinking about everything that I needed to get done today, tonight, by tomorrow, etc… Now, I know most people work better when they have a to-do list, but I tend to be a little OCD about to-do lists…  I love them.  Seriously, if my to-do list and I could have kids, we would, that is my level of love and (dare I say it) dependency upon my to-do list.

At my office I have a steno-pad that I keep my to-do lists for each day of the work-week and the weekend on.  I lost my best-friend… oops… steno pad a few months ago and it felt as though a small part of me had passed.  I kid you not, I was so incredibly paranoid during that time that I had forgotten to do something, call someone, pick-up something, be at a meeting, chair a committee, etc, that I tore my office upside down and my house as well.  I finally found the steno-pad hiding under a file in my office.  I almost cried tears of relief (you think I kid?  I only wish I was kidding), but then I quickly remembered cool kids don’t cry over a steno-pad.

Anyway, back to today… so I was at my office, on phone calls, answering emails and I kept noticing that my to-do list kept getting longer… I mean I was getting stuff done and we all know we have days where in order to feel like we have accomplished something we add something we have already done to the list, just to cross it off.  What?  You all don’t do that?  oops… must just be me and the need to get things off the list!  Anyway, I was getting things accomplished, but my list kept getting longer.  It turned into one of those days where for every one thing I crossed off, two or three things came back on the list.  Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather be busy than bored… when I’m bored is when I get into trouble.  However, there are days when it would be nice to get everything on your to-do list done for the day.  Today I made it through 1/2 a page of my 3.5 pages… Better than some days I guess.  Well, I’m off for the evening as I’ve just crossed another thing off my to-do list with this blog entry!  (Yes, I just added that so I could cross it off… it is the small victories in life I say!)


Until We Meet Again,



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