Go Lucy Go!

Today’s post has been on my heart a while… and instead of continuing to not say anything, here it is…

For those of us who blog (even as infrequent as mine are) we are putting a part of ourselves out there for the world to see, read, and oftentimes judge, which can definitely a downside… however, one major upside is all the new “friends” you get…I follow several blogs of people who I have never met, writing from places that I probably will never go and I feel like I know them and that they are friends.  The longer you follow a blog, the more true you find this.

There is a blog that I have followed for a bit (friend of a friend – whom I have never actually met), 2 3 kids, a Mini Van and  a Mortgage that has moved me to this post.  This is the blog of family in Memphis whose middle child, Lucy, has been fighting cancer since February  2011.  What is truly inspiring about this family is even through all the suffering they have been through this past year and a half is how brightly their faith shines through –  in every post, in every comment posted after blogs, and every part of this blog is a testament to their faith in a way that is neither preaching, overbearing or cringe-inducing.  Kate (the mother) has allowed the world to follow them through their darkest moments, their highest peaks and everything in between.  She had started the blog when her girls were younger and was using it as a way to keep up with their lives and as a scrapbook of sorts when they were hit with the surprise and devastating diagnosis about Lucy.

I have followed this brave girl (Lucy was diagnosed a few weeks before she turned five) and am constantly inspired by her fight, by her will, her strength…  We could all take lessons from Lucy and her mother Kate.  Thus, as a reminder to both myself and those who stop by my blog I have put Lucy’s button on my blog… Go Lucy Go!

One thing her mother has asked for since the day Lucy was diagnosed is prayers, I would like to pass that on to anyone who reads my blog… I know many of you are prayer warriors and right now this family needs all the prayers they can get.  If you read the comments on any of Kate’s posts, there are often hundreds of posts from around the country and worldwide.  I have found myself a few times every day saying a quiet prayer for Lucy and her family.  I ask you to consider saying a prayer for this amazing little girl and her incredible family.

Until We Meet Again,



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