Why Hello Monday… we meet again!

Well, it is Monday.  And, I’m still standing… well, by still standing I mean still sitting in my chair and still wearing my fantastic new stilettos!  Speaking of shoes, I knew it was a Monday this morning when I was finishing getting ready and I was frantically looking around my house for my shoes (under the beds, in the closets, I even moved the poor pup and cat to make sure they weren’t sitting on my shoes) to no avail.  When, I thought to myself, “gee self, you seem a bit taller than you should be…” cue looking down and there they were, on my feet already.  Yep, it was Monday. And, it only continued to improve!

Anyway, my workday Monday is now over and I am on my way to several “after-work” activities (which I hope I can accomplish with somewhat more finesse than I did things with this morning!).

I hope your Monday was calmer and less scattered than mine.  However, it is too pretty outside to be gloomy for long!  So on that note, Ms. Sadie and I will be heading out to our next adventure!

Until We Meet Again,



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