Hopping down the bunny trail

For those of you who have pets, do you enjoy taking pics of them as much as I do?  I mean, seriously, if they are asleep it is the “Aww, how cute, they are sleeping.” If they are playing with their toy (aka ferociously tearing into it, poor toy) it is “Aww, how cute, they think it is real!”.  I am pretty sure both my camera and my phone (if they could talk) would both be saying, “Seriously, you have hundreds of shots of the cat sleeping, it is ALL he does. Do you truly need another-” only to stop mid-sentence because I have hit the button to take another picture.

Well, a few weeks ago I was given by the folks a gift of bunny ears for the pup… yes, Ms. Sadie is the grand-dog and thoroughly works it for all she is worth.  Beau (the 17 year old, slightly cantankerous kitty) acknowledges our presence every now and then, what a cat’s cat!).  Anyway, so, I was given these bunny ears and I had wonderful intentions of posing Sadie in them… The best of intentions without a plan accomplish nothing.  However, my friend Emily was over and as we were enjoying our tea (another post on that later) we decided how fun it would be to take a picture of the pets and me for Easter (excuse the black dress, it was what I had on and not very “Eastery” but you work with what you have when you can get animals to pose!).

My little family... Beauregard (Beau) attempting to escape, Sadie looking at the floor trying to find her toy and me attempting to smile (typical day I guess)!

Success, the ears made it on... Sadie isn't thrilled, but bless her heart, she won't move if you put a costume on her...

Ah, my favorite pic! Other than her Martian eyes (which I need to photoshop out before the Christmas Card), this is one my favorite pics of me and Ms. Sadie

By this point, Sadie was bursting to escape and it was all Emily & I could do to not laugh too hard while keeping her corralled!

Until We Meet Again,



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