I cannot lie, I am guilty… guilty of a runner’s high

First, I didn’t realize until I read it out loud that the title of this post kind of rhymed…

Well, I went for a run this afternoon, the weather was great and I just couldn’t help myself… my legs just had to run!  And, run I did.  Today was a great day for a fun run because I am off of work today (Good Friday) and I could run for as long as I wanted without having to be anywhere.

I started at my house and just ran.  Now, I am not the fastest runner, nor am I the most skilled, but I do have fun when I run (there goes that rhyming business again – Dr. Seuss I am not!)

Anyway, that’s it for now… just a run… in the sun… had some fun (ok… done with rhyming!). I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Until We Meet Again,

JCP (or guilty as charged!)


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