Augusta National…

Good morning!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!  Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but with getting work caught up, I did not have time to pull together my thoughts in a coherent manner… so I decided to wait until today!  Earlier this week, the family and I ventured to one of my favorite places, Augusta National.  (This post is very picture heavy!)

At my old job we used to take customers to the Masters every year, so I remember being  22 years old, fresh out of college, and instructed “You will go to Augusta and you will entertain our company’s largest customers… from all of our divisions.”  No pressure right?  Anyway, after a few years of doing this I absolutely fell in love with the course, the traditions and the history of Augusta National Golf Club.

Augusta National Clubhouse

The parents however, had never had the opportunity to go, so when we had the chance to get some practice round tickets we jumped at the opportunity.  I, for one, was so excited to show them the beauty that was Augusta National.  I think when God said to Himself, “I will create things of beauty”, Augusta National was one of those creations!

We stayed the night in Columbia and drove over early Wednesday for the practice round.  However, there had been a major storm before and so there was some debris on the course (apparently they had workers out as soon as the storm was over clearing the course for play during the practice rounds).  If you have ever been to Augusta, you know it is impossible to find a leaf that dares get out of place, so I know they had a doozy of a storm (also the fact that they were cutting down some trees that had fallen into their maintenance buildings).  Here are some pics I took – during the practice rounds you are allowed to bring your camera (and there are also pictures that  professionals took).  Enjoy!


Waiting in line to get in the gate!

The main gate... but what is difficult to see in this picture... the brand name of the clock... Rolex. I kid you not!

Breakfast of champions... Master's Sausage Biscuit and Beer!

Me in front of the fabled score board


Tiger Woods. Regardless of what you think of him personally, professionally he introduced golf to a new generation and revitalized the sport. Also, if you have ever seen him play in person, you will agree, he is plain exciting to watch play!

The discreet tree cutting (seriously, not a phrase I ever thought I would say!)

The beautiful Azaleas (obviously this picture was taken by a professional & not yours truly!)

Amen Corner. I just love the beauty that is this golf course.

Until We Meet Again,



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