What I’m Loving Wednesday… On time this time!

What a week so far!  Here is what I am loving today!

1.  I am loving that golf season is here in full force.  Today I am going to the Masters Golf Tournament Practice Round.  After going to the actual rounds for years, I honestly enjoy the Practice Round more than the actual tournament… far more relaxed and fun!  I love walking the course at Augusta National…  So Pretty!

Augusta National – Amen Corner

2.  While we are on golf tournaments, I am loving that at this time next week, I will be in Hilton Head for the Heritage Golf Tournament with dear friends!  This tournament is always one of my favorites!  It is the Derby of Golf Tournaments…everyone is wearing the Lilly Pulitzer, seersucker is out en masse, and you not only watch the tournament, but get to meet a lot of the golfers afterwards in Harbor Town!

Harbor Town Links – Hole 18 and the Harbor Town Light House

3.  I am loving that I am finally starting to get accustomed to the high pollen counts and I no longer sound like I’m a smoker on a three pack a day binge while running…  I know there have been some concerned people in cars watching me run and cough / hack!

4.  I am loving that my dear friend Stephanie and I are running the Marine Corps Historic Half together again this year!  If you have never run a Marine race, you definitely should.  As of yesterday they were only 80% full!  This is an amazing race, with great crowd support, excellent staffing (they are Marines… everything they do is excellent) and is a ton of fun!  I would very highly recommend it! It was the first half marathon I’ve done and is on my list to do every year…  here is what I saw and experienced last year!

My first half marathon medal!

5.  As always, I am loving my friends & my family!  Here are some pics from last year’s Heritage!

Beth & I in front of the light house in Harbor Town… Thanks to Beth’s husband Brad for taking this pic!

Jenn & I looking over the water… After a full day of golf, we were enjoying a beautiful day, some adult beverages, and good friends…

Until We Meet Again,


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