Running Thoughts…

So, I was running the other day before I met a dear friend to go for a walk (she is starting her fitness journey and I love to introduce people to the joy of jogging / running / whatever it is that I do that I love so much!).  Anyway, when I met up with her, she asked me what I thought about when I did my long runs.  Well, I answered “this and that…”  Well, by now, if you have read any of my other blog posts, you know that once I start thinking about something it kind of sticks…  well, for your reading enjoyment, here is what I think about during my long runs (I even broke it out into miles for you… I know, so very thoughtful of me! haha!)

Mile 1 – Wow…this feels AWESOME (even better if it is said in a high sing-songy voice!)

Mile 2 – Still feeling good!  Rock on, Julie!  You are killing this run!  Seriously, you should do this more often!

Mile 3 – Starting to settle into the pace… noticing all the pretty trees, birds, dogs chasing me, cats hissing at me, cars wanting to hit me 🙂

Mile 4 – Still enjoying everything… jamming out to my iPod thinking “dude, I should totally be a DJ… how awesome would that be?”

Mile 5 – I love that I’m running this far… what’s for dinner tonight?  Maybe I can sneak an extra brownie? Yum!  Maybe some frozen yogurt?

Mile 6 – Is my ponytail swinging weirdly?  This will now bother me the rest of the run as I get more and more self conscious about the ponytail the longer I run.

Mile 7 – Wow… who put a pot-hole there?  And why am I sweating so much?  Have I always sweated this much

Mile 8 – Dude… I forgot there was a hill here… and by hill I mean mountain… seriously, this road should come with a warning label.

Mile 9 – Is my ponytail still swinging weird?

Mile 10 – Ok… Could totally use an adult beverage about now…

Mile 11 – Wow… I never knew the lyrics to that song actually meant that… and they let me listen to that as a child… I feel so naive…

Mile 12 – Seriously, I am drenched now in sweat… who can run and not look sweaty?  Me, I look like I just jumped out of a swimming pool.

Mile 13 – When do I get to a downhill?  All uphill… I HAVE got to plan my runs better.

Mile 14 – Is my ponytail still swinging weird?  I feel like I am hypnotizing the cars behind me 🙂

Mile 15 – Legs don’t fail me now… seriously… I am still several miles from home or from a decent gas station to stop at… cue montage music….

Mile 16 – That is it… I’m decided… pasta for dinner with extra brownie and frozen yogurt.

Mile 17 – Ok… that is it… I might need to switch to a different sport… does chess count as a sport?  shuffleboard?

Mile 18 – Legs, I will make you a deal, just a little farther and I will not abuse you the rest of the day… I will sit still, be useless on my couch this afternoon and you can rest?  What do you say, do we have a deal?

Mile 19 – How to create world peace… just kidding… I’m actually thinking, why is this dog chasing me?  Can’t it see I’m too tired to deal with it?  And is my ponytail still swinging weird?

Mile 20 – Cue Hallelujah chorus – I’m done… I’m going to enjoy this runners “high” all the way to get an adult beverage.  Shocked?  Why else would I run 20 miles?  kidding… or am I?


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my thought process of my long-runs… nothing earth shattering… but hopefully I am not the only one who isn’t using her time running to “reflect on me”.  Not really my game…  I hope everyone has a great day!


Until we meet again,



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