Rain, rain go away… or at least not where I’m at…

So, have you ever gone for a run and had that moment where all you can do is shake your head and mutter to yourself, “seriously?”.  I rarely have moments like that for several reasons… the first (and the one I consider most important) is that I am not a serious runner.  I run, yes, but it is more like a jog with a soft “j”.  I get where I’m going eventually and have fun while doing it.  Therefore, while running, it takes a lot to truly bother me.  Second… who am I kidding, reason 1 was good enough.

Anyway, so I was going for my jog yesterday when my Mother (very smart lady) called me to remind me that rain was coming and that when I ran I should stay close enough to my house that if it should turn from a gentle rain into a downpour, I wouldn’t have to look like a half drowned cat on my run home (Not that it has *ever* happened before.. yep… I am just karma waiting to happen!).  Thus, heeding her direction I changed my course a bit to stay closer to home.  As I was getting ready to run I put on my Garmin, plugged in my iPod and started to run…

First, as I was running I got stuck behind a family walking behind their child on a tricycle… ok, I am not heartless, but really?  With traffic, I was unable to pass for what seemed like forever, but, in reality was maybe 15-30 seconds… after being stuck staying in and being sick… a run was beckoning me like a shoe sale would beckon Carrie Bradshaw.

Thus, after passing said proud parents and their child, I then proceeded to hit every traffic light possible… and some I didn’t even remember.  Fun times… no big deal, I had my iPod going, and even with the stops, I was still doing good on my time.

Finally, I got to a part of town where I would have to cross streets, but not deal with any traffic lights for about a mile or so.  You know you are stir-crazy when the sheer thought of waiting for a traffic light turns your stomach (or that could have been the stomach bug, who knows).  As I was going along my merry little way, I managed to get caught in a random pile of brush laid out for the city to pick up.  “Why did I not see and avoid said random pile of brush?” you might ask (and rightfully so).  Well, genius here was too busy jamming out to a fantastic song (Metallica – Enter Sandman) and when you are truly enjoying a song, who has any time to pay attention to such a trivial matter as where they are running?  Really, folks, I thought you knew me better than that!

After fighting my way through the brush (how many times will you get to say that in your life?  I know… like never!), I was doing good, I saw several people I knew (and not one of them told me I had twigs in my hair!) and was content to keep going.  Well, I had turned a corner and next thing I know I am literally about to run into a bird.  You think I’m kidding? This bird was just flying low and bam, around the corner he and I met like you would in an awkward movie.  I can just imagine him telling his friends…

“Guys, you know I was just flying around, staying low to the ground in case any chicks came out, you know… and bam… this big sweaty human was there… on my corner, messing with my game.  So, I did what any of us would do… I tried to scare her.  You should have seen her… humans… so funny…. and you know, I would like to think I put a little pep in her step.” Ok, ok, enough personification of animals, but he was spoiling for a fight… crazy bird.

Well, by that point, I was about ready to say “Seriously” but the clincher was the first rain drop that hit my hand… and then the second… I quickly stopped, took off my iPod, put it in my water bottle’s handy zippered pocket (thank you Nathan water bottles) and continued on my way.  The last 4 miles of my run I managed to find every rain cloud in our city.  You think I’m kidding, whenever I turned a corner, I would think “Excellent, the streets are dry, no rain here.” and at that point, true to form, it would start raining.  Now, I don’t mind running in the rain, in fact I quite enjoy it, however, what I don’t enjoy is becoming the harbinger of rain.  I’m pretty sure after my run today, there are some older people who will automatically start pulling their umbrellas out when they see me running down their street again.

Anyway, I get home, wet, a bit bummed because I didn’t get to listen to my *awesome* new playlist and tired (note to self, the day after a stomach bug, and if you have only eaten soup… running 7+ miles is a bad idea).  However, as I was taking off my Garmin and getting ready to take a shower, I remembered something that put a smile on my face and made me happy.  I was able to run.  I was able to laugh at all the silly things that happened to me on the run.  How many people would love to be able to run even a mile and here I am complaining?  Yes, even though I was wet and tired and still not feeling great, it was a great day!  Enjoy your day!


Until We Meet Again,


6 thoughts on “Rain, rain go away… or at least not where I’m at…

  1. Dennis says:

    Very entertaining blog. We plan on coming to Washington to support you in the Marine Marathon this fall. Keep the blog going and please keep the humor.


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