What I’m Loving Wednesday… Southern Charm & Pearls Style…

Ok, so this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I stayed home sick (stupid stomach bug!)  Anyway, today you will get two posts!

Happy Wednesday!  What beautiful weather we have been having these past weeks! It is so pretty it makes you forget all of the cold weather we had earlier!

Thus, we will commence with, what I’m loving Wednesday!

1.  I am LOVING this warm weather.  I love the sunshine and being able to run outside after work!  I love being able to look out my office window and see people walking, running, & biking along the Greenbelt!

2.  I am loving that tomorrow (Thursday) I get to help with Junior League of Kingsport & Second Harvest Food Bank’s Backpacks for Kids program.  This is a program that delivers bags of food for underprivileged children to take home so that they can have food to eat over the weekend.  This is such a great program that anytime I get the chance to help, I jump at it!

3.  I am loving Sadie’s new collar!  The lady who makes all of Ms. Sadie’s collars outdid herself on this one!  I LOVE IT!!!  Obviously Sadie does too since she is so excited about having her pic taken!

Sadie's new collar... yes, it is pink and blue with green turtles! And, yes, she is as excited as I am (kidding!!!)

4.  I am loving that it is just a few more weeks until Easter for so many reasons.  First, I love what the Easter season does for my church, it seems as though everyone is happy to be there and counting their blessings.  Also, I love going to to church and seeing all of the children in their seersucker suits and splendid dresses.  Moreover, I like to decorate Easter Eggs (trivial, I know, but fun!  I will do a post on my Easter Eggs later this season!).  Finally, with Easter means I can break out my true white again!

5.  Finally, I am loving my friends and family.  I especially love my friends who when we get together, keeping a straight face becomes next to impossible!

New Years Eve a few years ago with Caroline, Jenna, me and Stephanie in Hilton Head! It is always fun when the girls get together!

What are you loving this Wednesday?

Until We Meet Again,


2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday… Southern Charm & Pearls Style…

  1. Amy says:

    I used to do WILW, but I haven’t in a few months. It was a great way to focus on all the positive things going on!

    And I LOVE easter eggs. We don’t have any kids yet in our family, so we’ll dye them and then eat them.


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