Having the Best Day of My Life…

On Sunday evening, I got a phone call from my Uncle regarding a man who mentored my Sunday School class.  We all knew Max had been ill and that his time was close, however, we had hoped it would be a while yet.  On Sunday though, the Lord called him home.  A Celebration of his Life was today at our church.  It amazed me how full the church was (I have only seen it more full on Easter and Christmas).  Max and his wife had left their beloved Sunday school class to start our class.  Everyone who knew him had a “Max” Story.  He had a propensity for laughter and joy.  Of all the people I have known, Max had the most childlike enthusiasm in life.

Today at his service several members of my class stood and told their Max stories.  They also told about his way of loving people and making everyone feel not only loved but special.  He truly showed the meaning of Christ to everyone he met and interacted with.  If you ever asked him how his day was going, you invariably got the response “I’m having the best day of my life.”

That saying became more than just a statement for him, he truly lived that way each and every day.  He put others first, and regardless of who you were, he always made time to talk with you, laugh with you, pick you up when you needed it, and at times, put you back into place.  He had more confidence in people than they at times had in themselves.  Every time I saw him at church, he would ask how my training was going for my next race.  Even with everything in his life, he would always remember what run I was training for (at times I can’t even remember) and he would always ask after the race how I had done, what I had learned, and most importantly if I had fun.

I know we often reflect upon living a life that makes a difference to people, yet it is so much easier said than done.  I will leave you with another of his favorite sayings… Max would always comment as a way of saying goodbye to anyone, be it a friend, or someone he barely knew, “Enjoy your day.”.  I urge each of you to choose each day to “Have the best day of your life” and “Enjoy your day”.

Until We Meet Again,



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