Rosemary, Basil & Thyme… Oh My!

Happy Friday!  I hope you are having as beautiful of a day as I am!  Too pretty to stay inside, in fact, my pup (Ms. Sadie) has already taken me on several walks today!  She is now contentedly snoozing on her pillow in my office.

For those of you who do not know, I truly enjoy cooking.  That said, I’m not a great chef, but I get pleasure out of cooking for family and friends.

Because of that, every year, I am thrilled when it gets warm enough in my town to plant my herbs.

Parsley & Basil (Did I mention I LOVE Basil?!?)

To me, there is nothing better than food made with fresh ingredients and fresh herbs.  I went to my local nursery and picked out some of my favorites and hurried home to excitedly plant them!

Rosemary and Oregano (I can already smell the italian cooking, yum!)

I am letting them settle into their new pots a little before actually using any of the herbs.  In another week or so, I will start cooking with all the beautiful (and quite aromatic might I add) herbs!

Thyme and the edge of the lavender (excuse the photography skills, I was attempting to take the pic and have Ms. Sadie on a leash at the same time... never works quite the way I expect it to!)

My bounty this year includes oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, mint, dill, and lavender.

Mint! I love mint... think Mojitos & Mint Juleps on the porch in the summer!

If you like to cook and have any recipes that you love that use any of these herbs, please feel free to share!  I always love to get new recipes and see what yummy concoctions I can whip up!

Since it is so pretty today, I definitely feel that a run is in my future this afternoon!  Until then, happy cooking and happy running!

Until We Meet Again,



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