Thoughts on Running… Ready, Set Go…

While running yesterday my mind wandered (as it often does while running) and I reflected on some of my observations made while running… enjoy or commiserate!

1.  Why is it that drivers never seem to be in a hurry to turn until you are about to cross the street where they are turning into and suddenly they get so impatient they stare you down (if looks could kill… let’s just say yours truly would be a goner!).

2.  I’ve decided that you have two schools of runners.  The first group is the group that probably hates me (and the second school of runners).  These cats are super serious about running and will not wave / smile / acknowledge the presence of anyone or anything other than their own feet, the space right in front of them and their Garmin… The second school of runners is where I belong… we bebop along our way, waving like fools, smiling, sometimes dancing and just having fun.  No, we might not be as fast as group #1, but gosh darn it we have fun (and to me, at the end of the day, if you aren’t having fun doing something… then why are you doing it?).

Yep... smiling & running... check!

3.  Why is it that drivers NEVER stop to ask the person who is gardening or the person who is walking for directions… no, they ask the person who is drenched in sweat running down the street (also, they could always stop to ask me because as I said earlier, I am a proud member of the smiling / waving / looking like an idiot while running group!).

After running the Bluegrass Half Marathon. Still part of the smiling / waving / laughing / having fun school of runners.

4.  Two of the worst sounds a runner can hear during a run… #2 a dog barking behind you (worse if it is a deep bark) and #1 a person standing in front of you pointing behind you saying “There’s a dog chasing you”… that you didn’t even know about!

5.  Maybe it is just me, but do you ever go to run a race (specifically a shorter distance race) and when they announce strollers and walkers in the back and then you go to get in your appropriate corral and then about .25 miles in, you realize you were the only one listened to the directions?  Frustrating… yes…

After the Turkey Day Trot... managed to get behind apparently every walker and stroller known to man... fun times! Beautiful race though! Would definitely do again!

6. I always love when I’m going out for a run (as in dressed to run, with water bottle in hand, iPod on, Garmin ready, stretching) and I’m asked, ” Are you going running?” To which I have to bite back my smart a$# response of “Nope, I’m going to a party… the theme is workout attire!”  Yes, I have to remember not everyone appreciates sarcasm.  Shoot… what a better world it would be if sarcasm was an acceptable method of response to stupid questions.

No... this is not a low speed police chase... this is me running during a charity event... Operation One Voice Special Operations Forces Run from Atlanta, GA to Tampa, FL.

7.  Final thought for the morning… Maybe it is just me, but I went running a few weeks ago and my Garmin watch died (apparently charging it helps… I know, I’m a sharp one!).  Anyway, the rest of the run, I probably had this look on my face that was a mixture of confusion (how fast am I running… oh no… how far have I run?) and grief (oh no… what if it is dead… truly dead?  My running companion for so many miles would be gone – I felt bereft and completely lost, how would I go on?  Granted I had run for ages without a Garmin, so it shouldn’t have been a big deal… but it was).  When I got home and recharged it, I felt this enormous wave of relief, happiness and then dependence.  I realized that while I could in fact run without a GPS watch, it made a huge difference.  I was smarter with the watch… I was faster with the watch, I knew when to push and when not to push… Thus, I have learned my lesson and my watch is now charging after every run.  I don’t know that I can deal with the pain and confusion again!

Running a mud run without my GPS watch... I remember I felt confused because I was having a hard time gauging how fast I was going...which at the end of the day wasn't incredibly fast (thank you mud & obstacles!) but was fun!

Sorry for the rambling!  Feel free to add your thoughts if you would like!

Until We Meet Again,


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Running… Ready, Set Go…

  1. Amy says:

    Good list! I completely agree with all of your observations!

    The other day my Garmin died at mile .93 during a 9 mile run. Turns out I was running 2 minutes slower per mile without it than I normally do. I am so addicted to it!

    • juliecpierson says:

      I was so sad when my Garmin died… I thought, horror of horrors I might actually have to run and “guess” how far I was going and how fast I was going. I did the math after I was done and I was running super slow… I have since learned my lesson and am now the Queen of charging my Garmin!!!


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