Joining the Bandwagon… What I’m Loving Wednesday

Good afternoon.  Well, I have officially hopped on the bandwagon… the What I’m Loving Wednesday Bandwagon that is…  Several of my friends do this and I think it is a wonderful idea, so I’m joining in…

1.  I’m loving the absolutely amazing weather we are having this week!  It is in the high 60’s this week and I have broken out my sandals!

2.  I’m loving that I was able to secure a spot in the 37’th Annual Marine Corps Marathon!  30,000 spots sold in 2 hours and 41 minutes (apparently that is a new international sell-out record).  I will be running 26.2 miles with 30,000 other runners… see pics below!

The starting arches at the MCM!

Behind the starting line... waiting to run at the MCM... 30,000 runners!

3.  I’m loving that I’m getting to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra perform tomorrow!  I cannot wait.  I have loved their music for ages and now to see them in person will be awesome!

Trans Siberian Orchestra... So excited!

4.  I’m loving that my dog is now being called “Sadie O’Malley” (at least until St. Patrick’s Day).  I had a collar made for her for St. Patty’s day and she has been rocking it for the past week or so!

Sadie's St. Patrick's Day Collar

5.  I’m loving that a dear friend of mine got an absolutely amazing promotion!  So many of us are so proud of all that he does and so thankful for his dedication!

6.  I’m loving my friends & family (as always!).

Me, Beth and Jenn enjoying a beautiful day at the Heritage Golf Tournament last year!

Until We Meet Again,



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