Marine Corps Marathon Here I Come!

So… I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post about this!  I just signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM).  So far, they have sold 90% of their slots in about 90 minutes!  That is 90% of 30,000 runners!  How crazy awesome is that?  Pretty awesome!


I’m already stoked about training and running the MCM.  I was supposed to run it last year, but managed to get the plague (kidding, but only barely – walking pneumonia, strep throat, a sinus infection and bronchitis) the week before the run, so I had to back out (apparently running with all of those is not only the key to running slow, but also very dangerous!).  So, I am going for my training run for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville with my eyes set on the MCM in DC! I cannot wait to run The People’s Marathon!


Until We Meet Again,



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